Wednesday, May 5, 2010


“It's time for us to look at whether we want to amend that law to apply it to American citizens who choose to become affiliated with foreign terrorist organizations, whether they should not also be deprived automatically of their citizenship and therefore be deprived of rights that come with that citizenship when they are apprehended and charged with a terrorist act.”
—Sen. Joe Lieberman

Well, that’s one way for the Republicans to ensure that if they return to power they’ll stay there! Just randomly apprehend and charge registered Democrats with a terrorist act, so that their citizenship can be stripped.

Expect the arrest rate of terrorism suspects to jump noticeably in October in election years.

Actually, I think the Democrats should try this. They should just arrest and charge large numbers of registered Republicans with terrorism in October—at least in swing House districts or in states in which there is a close Senate election. After the election, they can release them and restore their citizenship rights—until October 2012.

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